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PEMO is operating in worldwide market since 1947, manufactured and shipped more than 40,000 pumps


PEMO PUMPS, is headquartered in a 20000 m2 factory complex in Vimodrone – Milan, Italy, is world renown for designing and manufacturing customized centrifugal pumps for the most difficult abrasive and/or acid applications


Main Applications:

  • Mining, Quarries and Aggregate materials washing: PEMO pumps are used in feeding separating hydro-cyclons, floatation systems and to transfer slurries in ponds, yellowcake applications and water treatment plants etc.

  • Stone Industry: PEMO is a World Leader in pumps for granite gangsaws

  • Ceramic Industry: PEMO is the World Leader for pumps that transfer ceramic slip

  • Chemical Industry: There are a growing number of PEMO pumps being used within the chemical industry. Usually these pumps deal with both acids and abrasive particles. Many have parts made of special alloys

  • Filter-Press Feeding: This is an application where in most cases PEMO pumps have little or no competition, thanks to our DC (double stage) and TC (triple stage) pumps.

  • Steel Mills: PEMO pumps are widely used to transfer hot water up to 80 °C (176 ºF) with a presence of oil and metal flakes. They are also used in water treatment plants.

  • OFMSW treatment: PEMO pumps are used to transfer the shredded or digested Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste. No clogging technology, thanks to an impeller specifically designed for this application

  • Power Plants and FGD

  • Painting Plants

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Distilleries

  • Perforations and Tunnelling

  • Sugar Industry

  • Food: mainly washing and product transfer

Design features:

  • Impeller open type design, rubber lined or metallic type casted in Hardalloy PEMO, AISI, Duplex, Hastelloy C and others

  • Rubberized casings, made in two hals shells with protected interior part with separable or vulcanized rubber lining

  • Most of PEMO Pumps have parts coated with natural rubber or a syntetic (neoprene, nitrile, butile, EPDM, etc.)

  • Capacity range up to 2000m³/h

  • Pressure limit up to 24bar (triple stage pump or S-FP AOAB-TC AS B77)



  • 20 different basic models

  • 8 different all-Hardalloy models

  • 5 different models of pumps which can be casted in special Alloys

  • Horizontal: AO – AO/TD – AO/AB

  • Submersible Serie

  • Vertical Serie: JOLLY – MEC – AUS/VA&AUS/VE

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